Willow Grace

Willow Grace
Massage of babies foot

I love running these baby massage classes. They are run as 5 sessions each an hour long. Currently I’m running them at Trull Village Memorial Hall on the edge of Taunton on a Wednesday morning. I’m also starting a new class in the Scout Hut in Wellington.

The baby massage classes are run in a relaxed way so if you need to feed or change your baby, or move around if your baby is unsettled I absolutely encourage you to do so.

Each week we focus on a different part of your baby to massage and have a chat about how your weeks been. I try encourage good peer support.

My next available courses start as follows: –

Trull – Wednesday 20th July

Wellington – Friday 8th July

These classes are suitable for any baby from 4-6 weeks old (to give you time to recover from the birth), up until they become mobile.

Hannah who attending one of my previous courses with her baby Hattie left this lovely review.

All I ask you to do is bring a large towel or blanket to rest your baby on that doesn’t matter if it gets a little oil on.

The cost is £50 for the course of 5 sessions.

If you have any questions or you’d like to book please feel email me or get in touch.