Willow Grace

Willow Grace
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During pregnancy your body is adapting almost daily to your growing baby.
My specialised approach is designed to
- ease tight muscles
- address restricted joints
- improve circulation
I am dedicated to providing you with nurturing perinatal therapy that goes beyond the ordinary.

Initial Appointment


60 Minutes Follow on


90 Minutes Follow on


120 Minutes Follow on



Closing the Bones (Rebozo)

This is beautifully nurturing, realigning and balancing for a new mother.
Combining the power of touch with the ancient Rebozo shawls to rock & wrap..


Postnatal Massage

This treatment is crafted to support your body as it returns to its pre-pregnancy state.
Whether you need

- muscle tension relief

- joint support

- or a moment of relaxation

Let me assist you on your journey to feeling your best postpartum self.



Scars are like icebergs; they harbour a narrative that extends beyond what meets the eye.
Restore Scar Therapy can
- Stimulate change to scar tissue on the skin surface and underlying tissue
- Reduces symptoms of numbness, pain and sensitivity. As well as associated pain e.g. hips or back
- Promote cosmetic improvements after c-section
Together we can work to create a more comfortable, mobile you.

Initial Treatment


Follow Up


Block of 3 Treatments


Scar Therapy and Full Body Massage




Bespoke baby massage sessions setup to enable you to bond with your baby and learn some massage techniques you can use at home.


Experience the transformative power of therapeutic massage.
I will focus on
- alleviating imbalances and tension in your body
- improving flexibility & your range of motion
- promoting a sense of harmony and well-being
Whether you seek relief from specific discomfort or simply desire a moment of relaxation, this therapeutic massage is designed to be a personalised journey toward physical and emotional balance.

45 Minutes


60 Minutes


90 Minutes (Full Body)


Booking a session

My online booking system is below. If you can’t find an appointment time that works for you please get in touch. Or email as I can often work something out.